My Main Services

A little about what I do.

Motion Motion

I can realize your footage, your editing or even more creative video, all depends of your needs.

Photography Photography

My main point of interest, even if I am working more as a video reporter theses days…

Web Design Web Design

I’m starting on web mastering. But as you can see on this website, that’s something I really like to do.

Reporting Reporting

As a freelance video journalist, I used to work in Mexico on many kind of themes. Now for the european network Zoomin TV.

Book / Wedding Book / Wedding

I used to make photo books for actors. I am a wedding photographer too, in a documentary style.

Fixer Fixer

I assist foreign journalists in Mexico City, often providing interpretation, personal connections, and transportation services.

From the Blog

Some recent posts from the blog

« Xochitl »

« Xochitl »

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015 in Littérature, Street Photograhy

Il y a peu Pascal Bomy, un français installé au Mexique en 2001, m’a proposé de réfléchir aux images qui accompagneront les différents chapitres de son nouveau roman « Xochitl » publiés sur le site « Le petit journal de Mexico » au sein du quel j’avais déjà travaillé par le passé. Les publications s’échelonneront chaque mardi jusqu’au dernier […]

Walk in the shadows

Walk in the shadows

Posted by on Nov 3, 2014 in Street Photograhy, Unusual

Unusual – Walk in the shadows Walking in the Mexican capital involves some risks. We have to be careful where we set foot, due to all the wholes in the pavement… not to mention to the manhole covers missing. Then we need to pay attention to the cars and other microbuses because they don’t respect neither the […]

Thierry Jeannot’s website

Thierry Jeannot’s website

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Design, Webmastering

A few weeks ago, Thierry Jeannot, a great french designer living in Mexico City, who is a very good friend too, asked me to do his new website. He needed something very simple to understand for any visitor and a very clear structure, to let all the space the pictures must have. We are close to […]

“Lo que la fotografía reproduce al infinito únicamente ha tenido lugar una sola vez”

“What the photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once”

“Ce que la photographie reproduit à l’infini n’a lieu qu’une fois”


Roland Barthes